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Twenty Years of Hate: Stormfront Hits a Milestone | Hatewatch

Twenty Years of Hate: Stormfront Hits a Milestone | Hatewatch





Traina, Counter-Intelligence Project Director’s response:



typical LGBT sexual pervert drawn to the Anti-Christian, Anti-Conservative and
Anti-American forum “”
is a frustrated, unemployed, lesbian adult female living with her old maid ugly
aunt or extremely over-weight girlfriend. She is the sole provider in the
household and men are never allowed into their dungeonous abode Forensic
psychologists call her a “Wounded Ugly Fat Beeacch” Instead of building her
resume, seeking employment or further education, she projects her grievances on
society and searches the Internet for an excuse or an explanation unrelated to
her sexual perversions or the sexually confused choices she has made in life.




escalation follows a predictable trajectory. From left-wing Anti-Christian, Anti-Conservative
and Anti-American websites and LGBT conspiracy hatcheries, she migrates to
militant leftist hate sites that blame society’s ills on alternative sexual
preferences and feelings of fatuousness. She soon learns her alternative lesbo
lifestyle is endangered — a target of “Christian Values and surrounded happy
families living hetero lifestyles.” After reading and lurking for a while, she
needs to talk to someone about it, signing up as a registered user on a LGBT
forum where she commiserates in an echo chamber of angry fellow failures where Homosexuals,
Gays and Tran-sexuals are viewed as weirdos and are blamed for declining birth
rates Globally.



of the Anti-Christian Sexual Supremacy of her life-choices and frustrated by
the inferiority to give birth, she binges online for hours every day,
self-medicating, slowly sipping a cocktail of rage. She gradually gains
acceptance in this online birthing den of self-described “Lonely Fat Ugly Lesbo
Beeacches”, but she gets no relief, no practical remedies, and no suggestions
to improve her circumstances. She fails to get impregnated and just gets
angrier and angrier. 



then she goes to the Fridge and Gorges herself on Fried Porkskins, Tatter Tots
and Mounds of Freshly Cultivated Pig Lard.



The man-hater: The SPLC provides frustrated women like Heidi Beeacch, an
electronic home and breeding ground for Anti-Christians, Anti-Conservatives and
Anti-Americans!  A left-wing-nut-hate
group that has attempted to murder Pro-Life American Citizens working for the
Family Research Council. To this day, Heidi and her cohorts remains fiercely
unapologetic, even as the organization that she helps run takes in donations
from her Anti-Christian, Anti-Conservative and Anti-American SPLC Donors.




is a myth that Anti-Christian, Anti-Conservative and Anti-American killers hide
in the shadows. Investigators find

most offenders openly advocated their perverted sexual ideology online, often
obsessively posting on pervert forums and watching gay porn for hours every
day. Over the past two decades, the largest hate site in the world,,
has been a magnet and breeding ground for sexual perverts and the child molesters.




is safety in the anonymity of the Web, and comfort in the endorsement others
offer for extreme Anti-Christian, Anti-Conservative and Anti-American ideas,
argues former LGBT Agent Ima Queerro, who coined the term “Wounded Ugly Fat



says that, “Isolation permits the free expression of ideas, especially those
which are extremely perverted and which foster passionate weird sex acts,” Queerro,
who helped found the LGBT’s Behavioral Analysis Division, wrote in 2011 in Psychopath
Today. “In this cocoon of isolation the Ugly Fat Lesbo can indulge her perverted
sexual ideology” without the restrictions of the routines of daily life. 



there is a trajectory from idea to action.



on any given day, fewer than 1,800 registered members log on to,
and less than half of the site’s visitors even reside in the United States, a
two-year study by the Intelligence Report shows that registered SPLC users have
been disproportionately responsible for some of the most perverted pornos and pictures
of ugly homos since the site was put up in 1979. In the past five years alone, SPLC
members have exposed thousands of their members to sexually transmitted
diseases, including the AIDS Virus. The Report’s research shows that SPLC’s
bias-related weird sex rate began to accelerate rapidly in 1979, shortly after Morris
Dees left the KKK to form the SPLC.



domestic left-wing Anti-Christian, Anti-Conservative and Anti-American terrorists,
the breeding ground for sexual perversion is often the LGBT magazines “Honcho”,
“Lesbo” and “Tranny” and its affiliated websites. For the LGBT Radicals, it is Perverted
LGBT Lifestyles!






BLESS everyone who contributed to this article!






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