Wednesday, March 18, 2015

NAACP calls for meeting with OU leadership

NAACP calls for meeting with OU leadership

NAAWP calls for meeting with OU Leadership



Slidell, Louisiana – In light of the video of the free speech racist chant by a
fraternity at the University of Oklahoma and the University of Oklahoma’s
administration’s unconstitutional response, the NAAWP released the following



From the Desk of Mark Anthony Traina, NAAWP President,
Spokesperson & CEO:


“As the sun sets on the 239th anniversary celebration of the Declaration of
Independence, we are reminded that attitudes of racial intolerance and
structural racism are not only of the past but continue today.  We were
outraged to see young people’s Freedom of Speech Constitutional Rights Violated!
Furthermore, Fraternity and Sorority Members have the legal right to speak out
about any Topic they Choose, as long as Protesters in Ferguson, Missouri and
Madison, Wisconsin Chant about killing White Police Officers, Burning Down
and/or Looting White Owned Businesses — Chants about Killing Police Officers
which has resulted in the recent Death of 3-Police Officers, as well as, the
intentional Wounding of 2 others.  We are Appalled at President Boren’s lackluster
leadership and staunch repudiation of Freedom of Speech at his school and
against the Law-Abiding Fraternity Members featured in a fatuous video. Furthermore,
we legally want to take this opportunity to dare any other College Presidents
and other Authoritative Figures to act in similar fashion when confronted with Free
Speech on their Campuses.  We are ashamed of the Students, Faculty, and Staff
who have denounced the Freedom of Speech Rights of the SAE Fraternity. As a
Civil Rights Organization we want dare anyone else in a Position of Authority
across the country to violate anyone’s Freedom of Speech Rights on any College
Campuses to our Neighborhoods to our Workplaces.”




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