Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spotlight On: World Zionist Congress

Spotlight On: World Zionist Congress

50-Years of Global White Genocide, brought to you by the JEWS!

Sunday 22-Mar-2015

by Kevin Alfred Strom

I AM OLD ENOUGH to remember 1965. That was a time when the Jews had just begun their radical restructuring of our society. They'd already tricked us into two disastrous world wars in which we foug ht against our own best interests. They'd used us to take Germans and Italians and Hungarians and others ' including Russians who didn't want Communism ' and slaughter them by the millions. They cynically used 'our troops' to impose Communism on half of Europe ' and remember, at that time the Soviet Union had the death penalty for anyone convicted of the 'crime' of 'anti-Semitism.' Then, in the post-war period, they dismembered and destroyed the British and French empires, too ' even though those two nations were supposedly 'victors' in the last world war.

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