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WWL - AM870 | FM105.3 | News | Talk | Sports - Teen Files Complaint After Beating From JPSO Deputy

WWL - AM870 | FM105.3 | News | Talk | Sports - Teen Files Complaint After Beating From JPSO Deputy

Complaint filed against JPSO Deputy who arrested DHS students!



Kyle Barnett
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->>>March 28, 2013<<<-



Witnesses say that
the Officer didn’t identify himself as policeman!



A St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office detective has filed a formal
complaint against the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office and one of its deputies
following the arrest of her son and two other Destrehan High School students in
early February.


The DHS students and their family
members say they were wrongly arrested for resisting arrest by violence while
attending the Krewe of Caesar parade on Feb. 2. In the incident, football star
and LSU signee Rickey Jefferson and fellow DHS teammates David Sampson and Joe
Sharpe were arrested for allegedly striking an undercover officer.


According to an interview in Louisiana
Weekly, Sampson’s mother, Roanne Sampson, a detective with the St. Charles
Parish Sheriff’s Office, said her son was approached by a plainclothes
undercover deputy who did not reveal he was a law enforcement officer and that
David tried to get away from him.


Witnesses quoted by the paper said the
incident was provoked by David calling his friend a derogatory name and the
undercover officer misinterpreting it as being directed towards him at which
time the officer told David to approach him. David reportedly ignored the order
and kept on walking.


Det. Sampson said the deputy chased her
son down, ripping his shirt off in the process, and slammed him over the hood
of a car. According to her account it was not until after Jefferson and Sharpe
tried to intervene and pull the deputy off of David that he identified himself
as a police officer.


Sharpe told the Louisiana Weekly that
he thought his friend was being attacked by a stranger for no reason and that
is why he and Jefferson tried to get the man off their friend, but after he
called out that he was a deputy he and Jefferson quit struggling with the


According to a police report written by
Det. Joshua Collins, the JPSO deputy who chased David down, David allegedly
shouted obscenities at him while he was arresting someone in the crowd for a
narcotics violation and he tried to arrest him. Collins wrote that David swung
at him and the two began fighting in the parade route and then Jefferson and Sharp
started to attack him as well.


Collins said that David escaped but
that he was able to tackle him after a lengthy chase through the parade route.
As he was running, Collins alleged witnesses told him David threw a gun that
was never recovered by officers.


Col. John Fortunato, public information
officer with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, said he is aware of the
complaint filed by Sampson.


"We have a complaint filed by the
arrestees. As a matter of fact, they filed the complaint based on the fact that
they felt they were not arrested with proper cause," Fortunato said.


He said the JPSO has put their faith in
their deputy’s version of the events.


"They were involved with an
altercation with a number of law enforcement officers," Fortunato said.
"We stand behind the actions of the officers as indicated in the


Fortunato further encouraged the
families of the students to file a complaint with JPSO Internal Affairs or the
Department of Justice if they felt they were treated improperly.


Sampson told Louisiana Weekly that deputies
shouted racial slurs at her son after his arrest. She also told the paper that
she has alerted civil rights organizations and community leaders about her
son’s alleged mistreatment.


David is an honor’s student at
Destrehan who was nominated for the school’s student of the year. He is also a
member of the National Honor’s Society and received the U.S. Marine Corps
Scholar Athlete award. He played safety for the Wildcats last season and
received first team all-district honors.


Sampson, Jefferson and Sharpe have all
been charged with resisting an officer by violence. They were originally
charged with battery on a police officer and interfering with a police






in MARCH of 2013


NAAWP again calls for the RESIGNATION of the SHERIFF of


This is not a SINGLE INCIDENT of BRUTALITY, but rather a




NAAWP REFERENCE 2013: http://www.heraldguide.com/details.php?id=12284






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