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FRANCE WARNS CITIZENS to steer clear of 16 U.S. Cities! - Topix#lastPost#lastPost

FRANCE WARNS CITIZENS to steer clear of 16 U.S. Cities! - Topix#lastPost#lastPost

FRANCE WARNS CITIZENS to steer clear of 16 U.S. Cities!


Yes, you read that right. The Washington Post reports that the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs has warned its citizens about visiting specific parts of 16 American cities. That includes avoiding large tourist attractions - Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and Hollywood - and even some neighborhoods - Chicago's West Side, north St. Louis, and Downtown Detroit at night - altogether.
"After eight years of decline, crime is up slightly [in the United States]," the security guidelines say. "This increase affects some particular areas. It is advisable, arriving in a city, to learn about the neighborhoods to avoid and, in the case of others, the ability to get around on foot and hours beyond which it becomes potentially dangerous get there. Most crimes are committed at night with a focus on the weekends .The majority of homicides take place on public roads and is particularly linked to drug trafficking."
They also offered travel warnings for Atlanta and the rest of the South. Here's the Google translation for the "South Zone," which for some reason includes St. Louis:
Houston: as in all major cities in the United States, it should not leave personal belongings in his car the day and to be vigilant when traveling at night in certain neighborhoods (Downtown, southern and eastern parts of Houston).
St. Louis: avoid northern area between the airport and the city center, but the shuttle from the airport is safe.
Atlanta: be vigilant in the city center after the close of business and avoid the south of the city.
New Orleans: according to statistics in 2011, New Orleans remains a dangerous city (58 murders per 100,000 inhabitants - ratio 10 times higher than the national average). So far, however, most of these crimes are located in easily identifiable poorest neighborhoods of the city. The tourist areas are relatively well monitored and therefore generally remain unaffected by violent crime.
Find out what other U.S. CITIES are on the LIST:

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