Tuesday, November 19, 2013

C. Ray disappear

C. Ray disappear: Nagin's book and publicity
website goes dormant

Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin Publishes an Ethnic Cookbook!


New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin has received a lot of heat about his "chocolate city" remarks. It turns out, however, that it was all a ploy by his publisher to draw attention to his just released cookbook titled "Cooking With Ray: An Ethnic Guide To Delicious Dishes".
"Yes, it's true," Mayor Nagin admits with a sly grin. "It was all an act to hype up attention around me in preparation for the release of my new cookbook. Shucks. What can I say? I got found out."
Some of his recipes include chocolate:
"How do you make chocolate? You take dark chocolate and add white milk to make a delicious drink."
And watermelon:
"How do you make a watermelon? You take a black seed with white dots and it grows into a nice, juicy, sweet fruit that everyone can enjoy at the community picnic that includes people of all nationalities and family histories."
Or every Southerner's favorite, fried chicken:
"How do you make fried chicken? You take a chicken with black and white feathers; indeed, a chicken with many different colored feathers, because every color of feather is acceptable. Then you fry the chicken up and it makes a delicious meal."
And many more ethnically diverse recipes, for example Ray’s SPECIAL THANKSGIVING RECIPE for “How to COOK your own GOOSE!” The first thing you need is for other GEESE to CONSPIRE with you to make a great SAUSE, then all that’s needed is a little TONY CHACHERE’S and a hefty amount of CAYENNE PEPPER SPICE, then throw the BIRD in the MICROWAVE for 15-minutes on HIGH, then all you need to do is CHOW DOWN!
So for all of the heat that Ray's been getting? It may come in handy to be a great chef in the opp kitchen.
PAST and PRESENT MEMBERS of the PRESTEGIOUS LOUISIANA BLOGGERS CLUB are so THRILLED to be able to call RAY NAGIN a CHARTER MEMBER! Sure other MEMBERS will be INDICTED into the LBC, but none will be as COLORFUL as the “CUE BALD” as we call ole Ray down here at the LBC! We will always look up to FORMER MAYOR NAGIN as a MAN who looked down on the CITY of NEW ORLEANS from a helicopter after HURRICANE KATRINA and said to himself “This CITY is MINE, ALL MINE and EVERYTHING IN IT is MINE, ALL MINE!”
Rumor has it that RAY was eating a lot of CHOCOLATE back then and may have been SUFFERING from “SUGAR MANIA” or a “CONCERTA INDUCED HIGH’!
For INFORMATION on how to get your very own COPY of RAY’S NEW ETHNIC COOKBOOK simply dial 911 or visit the LOUISIANA BLOGGER’S CLUB WEBPAGE!
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