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NAAWP: 2 High School Students arrested for GANG RAPE! - Topix#lastPost#lastPost

NAAWP: 2 High School Students arrested for GANG RAPE! - Topix#lastPost#lastPost

NAAWP: 2 High School Students arrested for GANG RAPE!
... at Kansas City school!

Two students aged 14 and 15 have been charged with first degree rape.

The school were the gang rape took place is listed as 64% black and 10% white. Since blacks commit rape at over ten times the white rate, and far above the Latino rate, it is nearly certain that the perpetrators were black. Given that white students are being targeted for the most brutal violence in the district, it is likely that the victim was white. However, all details on the victim will probably remained sealed.
Over the years, Kansas City Schools have become notorious for brutal black on white racially motivated violence. Conservative columnist Selwyn Duke wrote a bombshell expose last year on how many teachers and school officials are excusing, if not outright encouraging, racial hatred and violence in the schools.
The CofCC obtained permission to reprint the expose and distributed 5,000 copies door to door in the Kansas City metro area. The Kansas City NBC station responded by enlisted self-described “Revolutionary Communist” Leonard Zeskind to make fake claims about our literature. Zeskind is so extreme that even the editor of the left-wing Kansas City Pitch has denounced him as an embarrassment to the left.
This case is also significant because of Missouri’s new wave of forced busing that started this year. These are the same type of students that Missouri started busing out of St. Louis 30-40 miles to mostly white high performing suburban schools. Missouri is busing students from some of the worst performing and most violent schools in the state to some of the best public schools in the state. Some of the district that are being forced to receive the students were LITERALLY created by families who fled the first wave of forced busing in the 1980s.
The school where this gang rape allegedly took place at is rated a 1 out of 10 by The same as the schools in St. Louis where students are being bused from. It is only a matter of time before this new wave of forced busing comes to Kansas City.
St. Louis and Kansas City schools have been mirrors of each for decades. Both are among the most lavishly funded in the nation. Both receive over double the funding that poor majority white schools in rural parts of Missouri receive. Both have seen the destruction of surrounding school districts through the first wave of forced busing in the 80s.
Yet despite receiving the most money, they are the worst performing.
The state of Missouri spent 167 million per year, in state funds, each year for twelve years between 1985 – 1997 to raise black test scores in the Kansas City school district. The money was spent on massive forced busing schemes, a 25 acre wildlife preserve for students, a model UN, high dollar field trips, and more. The performance of black students never increased. A similar amount was spent on St. Louis. The money was spent to satisfy a ruling by a far-left Federal judge that black students were somehow treated unfairly.
The state of Missouri is notorious for having the largest public school funding gap in the nation. With majority black schools at the top getting the most money. Majority black schools in St. Louis and Kansas City have full sized Olympic swimming pools, lavish theaters, and state of the art computer labs. However, the schools keep getting worse and worse. Schools in both St. Louis and Kansas City were stripped of state accreditation recently.

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