Thursday, May 21, 2015

As Homicide Rate Soars on Chicago's South Side, Community Steps Up to Halt Crime

As Homicide Rate Soars on Chicago's South Side, Community Steps Up to Halt Crime

LOFAO: Murder Rate Soars in Baltimore as
Police Back Off!



For every action…well, you know the rest.
For more than a month, Baltimore residents made it abundantly clear how they
felt about the city’s police department. Awash in anger over the controversial
death of Freddie Gray, black citizens took to the streets in protest and
demanded justice. District Attorney Marilyn Mosby gave the mob what they
wanted, filing criminal charges against the officers deemed responsible for
Gray’s death. All was once again peaceful in Baltimore. Or was it? The
protests, rioting, and looting may have abated, but black Baltimore residents
are being murdered at an alarming rate. In 30 days, more than 30 people have
been killed, giving the city one of the worst murder rates in the country. “In
any other community, these numbers would be jaw-dropping,” Reverend Jamal
Bryant told the Washington Post. Even in a community as eaten up with violence
as Baltimore, the uptick in homicide is cause for alarm. Mayor Stephanie
Rawlings-Blake has cautioned against concluding that Baltimore officers are
shirking their duties, but that’s exactly what many believe is happening. After
all of the protests and accusations and assaults, some are concerned that local
officers are reluctant to patrol with the same vigilance. One anonymous officer
told CBS Baltimore that the Gray case was having a significant impact on how
police carried out their duties. –


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