Friday, April 26, 2013

POLITICALLY CORRECT- Redefined in 2013

POLITICALLY CORRECT- Redefined in 2013


FACT: To be “POLITICALLY CORRECT” in 2013 you either have to be BRAIN DEAD, a LIAR, a LIBERAL or all of the ABOVE. Sadly, you can “NEVER EVER” be NONE of the ABOVE!

In 2013, to be “POLITICALLY CORRECT” means to be “WRONG”, it’s really that EFFIN SIMPLE!

To be “POLITICALLY CORRECT” in 2013 means allowing the LILY WHITE LYING LIBERAL MEDIA to continue to “MISLEAD” U.S. by “MIS”-INTERPRETING THE NEWS AND “LEADING” U.S. in the WRONG Direction.

EXAMPLES: Recently an 8-month old White Infant was SODOMIZED to Death by a YOUNG BLACK THUG in Gretna, Louisiana and a 13-month White Infant was SHOT Right Between the Eyes by two YOUNG BLACK THUGS just outside of Atlanta, Georgia! When questioned about the Incident by the Police one of the Suspect said and I Quote , “WE SHOT THE WHITE BABY FOR THE FUN OF IT”!

In 2013, the LILY WHITE LYING LIBERAL MEDIA is too busy attempting to keep everyone’s Focused on the up-coming TRAYVON MARTIN Trial to notice any of the Real Victims of Black on White Crimes! Crimes against NATURE and Crimes Perpetrated against Defenseless White Infants!

The TRUTH is that Trayvon Martin was nothing more than a YOUNG BLACK THUG who got CAPPED while Playing the “KNOCK OUT WHITEY GAME”!

QUESTION: Why can’t TRAYVONY Read or Write? He is in the 11th Grade!


TRAYVONY can’t Read or Write because ------>



BLACK's STRUGGLE THE MOST ON EDUCATIONAL TESTING that why many Predominately Black School Systems across America have resorted to CHEATING-> ATLANTA, ST. LOUIS, CHIGAGO, DETROIT and WASHINGTON D.C. to name a few!

Educators need to review the "BELL CURVE" and sooOOOO DOES THE LILY WHITE LYING LIBERAL MEDIA, as well as, the SOUTHERN POVERTY LGBT LAW SINNERS! STOP trying to BULLY Everybody and SIMPLY Admit the obvious TRUTH, the WHOLE TRUTH and NOTHING but the TRUTH!


AVERAGE High School Graduate has IQ of 100

AVERAGE Black High School Student IQ = 83

AVERAGE Hispanic High School Student IQ = 92

AVERAGE White High School Student IQ = 108

AVERAGE Asian High School Student IQ = 114

Sadly, Muslims and People from India are America's BEST STUDENTS!

FACT: "DENILE" ain't just a River in Egypt!

FACT: Nobody in their right mind wants to take a test they know that they can't PASS!

FACT: America has gotten sooOOOOO POLITICALLY CORRECT that we are no express the GOD's Honest Truth, without CONDEMNATION, DEMONIZATION and OSTRACIZATION!

"The TRUTH can be a REAL BYTCH, but that doesn't make it any less REAL or any less TRUE!" (TRAINAISM, 2012)

FACT: Different Ethnic Groups Possess Different Talents and Different Deficits, it's just the way GOD Built U.S.!

FACT: Very few White Guys are Playing Basketball in the NBA or Football in the NFL! Black Athletes tend to be Stronger, Faster, better Coordinated and significantly more Aggressive than their White Counterparts!

EXAMPLE: Very few Women are as STRONG as their Male Counterparts, however, they are SMARTER, more MANIPULATIVE and know how to COOK, CLEAN and MOST importantly CARE FOR THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS!

FACT: Educational Testing is considered to be a BAD THING by the LILY WHITE LYING LIBERAL MEDIA, TEACHER'S UNIONS and PARENTS that don't want to be held accountable for Poor Progress in Academic Achievement or rather LACK THERE OF!

FACT: Things will continue to get WORST in America until Ignorant People STOP having Babies they are ill prepared to raise, as well as, ill afford to keep!

FACT: I am not and I repeat "NOT" for ABORTIONS, but, unlike the CORRUPT and PERVERTED CATHOLIC CHURCH, I am PRO-CONDOMS!



RESPONSE: I would much rather be "RIGHT" than be


FACT: Being RIGHT means being a "REALIST"!]

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