Friday, March 29, 2013

Carencro High removes student-teacher over comments | Home | The Advocate — Baton Rouge, LA

Carencro High removes student-teacher over comments | Home | The Advocate — Baton Rouge, LA


A local mother is urging other parents to join her in speaking out about discipline problems in Lafayette Parish public schools.

Debbie Dugas' daughter, Brittney, is a junior at Carencro High School. While Dugas said her daughter has not been physically harmed or bullied by other students, she said some students' behavior is disruptive.

"She experiences things that prevent her from learning. She experiences incidents of horrible, horrible, graphic, sexual statements, horrible language," Dugas said.

The frustration had been simmering, but Dugas said she was emboldened when middle school teacher Abby Breaux spoke out about her concerns, and last week when Carencro High student-teacher Derrick Comeaux raised similar issues.

Comeaux was removed from the Carencro High campus last week after his speech to the Lafayette Parish School Board. Comeaux believes his removal was retaliation for speaking out, while Carencro High Principal Ken Roebuck said in a memo that Comeaux was removed because of a comment he made about how he might handle being physically accosted by a student.

Comeaux said he didn't mean he'd take physical action. He said he would file for a restraining order or criminal charges. After speaking with his advisers at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Comeaux said he plans to complete his student-teaching hours in another parish.

Dugas said she is worried that there could be a tragedy at a local school if administrators and officials don't get discipline problems under control. She's read several comments and complaints on social media sites like Facebook, but feels it is now time for parents to step up and do more.

"We are the ones who can stop this. We have the most to lose and we have nothing to be afraid of," Dugas said. "We are not held hostage. We are not employed. It's the reverse for us. They are our children. We employ the people of the parish. We have a say in this, and it's just a matter of getting enough people together to realize they do have input on this."

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