Saturday, March 23, 2013

Articles: Southern Poverty Law Center's Lucrative 'Hate Group' Label

Articles: Southern Poverty Law Center's Lucrative 'Hate Group' Label


The fatuous1 calls "BULL$HYT"!

Sweeping CHANGES Proposed in 2013!

A) Paying College Athletes based on Performance on the Field of Competition.

B) Eliminating Background Checks on Athletes.

C) Eliminating Mandatory Drug Screening on Athletes.

D) Eliminating Academic and Behavioral School Records reviews for Athletes.

The fatuous1 says that Nick Saban and Urban Meyers have been ignoring NCAA Regulations for the past 20-years and look at how CORRUPT their Football Programs are in 2013!

FACGT: Eliminating MOST Student/Athlete Academic Performance Requirements will DEFINITELY put more "YOUNG BLACK THUGS" on College Campuses. In essence, putting the entire "STUDENT BODY" at RISK!

FACT: The Cost of Winning Football Games has become tooOOOOOO HIGH!

FACT: College is not and I repeat "NOT" about how many Football or Basketball Games the HOME TEAM Wins. College is all about Reading, Writing, Math, Chemistry, Business, and tooOOOO MANY OTHER ACADEMIC ENDEVIORS TO LIST!
fatuous1 is MARK TRAINA an outspoken Civil Rights Activist/Certified School Psychologist from South East Louisiana. Additionally, he is currently the President of the Prestigious “LOUISIANA BLOGGERS CLUB”! Some describe Mr. Traina as a Racist; however, he describes himself as a “REALIST”.
OCCUPATIONAL HISTORY: Mr. Traina worked as a School Psychologist for the Jefferson Parish Public School System for nearly 30-years. He is currently retired and spends his days reading articles on-line and writing about current events from his personal perspective.
Mr. Traina is the Author of “THE REALIST”, a book published in 2012, shortly after his retirement from the JPPSS. He is also very famous for his so-called TRAINAISMS, for example, “Good parents know that structure, discipline and respect for authority must start in the home or it will never end up in the School!” Mr. Traina writings have been Published in News Papers, Magazines and Blog Sites across the Globe!
FACTS: Mr. Traina grew up in New Orleans attending only Publicly Funded Schools. Mark graduated from Marion Abramson Senior High School in May of 1975 and obtained his B.A. in Economic (1979). Mr. Traina also obtained an M.A. in Counseling Psychology (1983) from Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, Louisiana. The fatuous1 can be reached at or by cell at (504) 231-3056. His personal website is (

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