Wednesday, August 5, 2015

EDITORIAL: The FBI dumps a 'hate group' - Washington Times

EDITORIAL: The FBI dumps a 'hate group' - Washington Times

SPLC Still Tracking Down Christian Hate Groups!


The notorious hate
group, the Southern Poverty Law Center, is at it again, though their
credibility remains in the toilet where it has reigned supreme for quite some
time. Credibility doesn’t really matter when it comes to
the jackbooted thugs entrusted with the task of terrorizing innocent
citizens in a failing regime. I’m sure the Gestapo and the KGB didn’t
enjoy a whole lot of credibility either, but that didn’t stop them from kicking
in your door in the middle of the night if they felt like it.

these days something is changing with our old pals over at the SPLC— which for
years has had The Remnant listed as a hate group. (Note to group: I will
get around to leading you all in hate very soon. I realize the SPLC crowned me
your leader nearly ten years ago, but you’ll have to be patient just a little
while longer as I attempt to figure out who we're supposed to hate).


the SPLC seems to be dropping the façade of legitimacy and revealing its
true identity—that of straight up social agitators, real-life rabble-rousers.
Nothing new, of course, but the façade of legitimacy is crumbling, which may
mean the coming police state no longer requires front organizations.

the SPLC's "investigations" are a joke to anyone who is paying
attention. WorldNetDaily (also listed on the SPLC hate map) ran a story a
couple years back entitled 'If you're not left wing, you're a hate group', which got
right to the heart of the matter. In that article, author Jack Minor writes:
“The sheriff of one of the country’s largest counties says a recent report by
the Southern Poverty Law Center listing a major political party in Colorado as
a dangerous group has absolutely no credibility and the group is like ‘the
little boy who cried wolf.’ Weld County Sheriff John Cooke said the SPLC just
lists groups its officials disagree with politically as ‘hate groups’. The SPLC
has received funding from billionaire activist George Soros, who has also
funded other left-wing groups including the Daily Kos, SEIU,, the
Huffington Post and Media Matters.”

we filed our own Freedom of Information Act request on the SPLC some years ago,
we discovered very much the same thing — law enforcement agencies around the
country treat the SPLC “Intelligence” Report and Hate Map updates as junk mail,
which is appropriate since the SPLC is, in fact, a direct mail fund-raising
group that depends on “hate groups”, real or imagined, to freak out their
donors and loosen up those all-important purse strings.

it comes to real hate groups, however, the SPLC is not only strangely silent
but oftentimes downright nurturing. Real haters tend to take real guns and
start shooting real people, and the SPLC, being real cowards, needs to
guard against retaliation. They know that cheek-turning Christians don’t retaliate.
Muslims, on the other hand? Well, it’s not for nothing that there aren’t a
whole lot of jihadist groups on the old SPLC Hate Map. In fact, there aren’t
any. You follow?

SPLC has a vested interest in not being too hard on jihadists. Why? Because
when a young jihadist shoots up a Christian or patriot group, it can be
argued that said group had it coming and that if said group had been shut
down by the government (the ultimate goal of the SPLC), the jihadists would not
have been tempted to go for the guns and dynamite in the first place.





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