Monday, December 1, 2014

Ferguson mayor: No severance package for Wilson - CBS46 News

Ferguson mayor: No severance package for Wilson - CBS46 News

NAAWP wants more POLICE wearing BODY CAMERAS

NAAWP wants to see more police wearing cameras to help build trust between our commission and the police by recording events like the shooting death of unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown, but is not seeking to pull back federal programs that provide the type of military-style equipment used to dispel the resulting racially-charged protests in Ferguson, Missouri.

The NAAWP announced the conclusions of a three-month review Monday as the President of the NAAWP was holding a series of meetings with his NAAWP Board Members, civil rights leaders, law enforcement officials and others to go over the findings. At least for now, NAAWP Officials are staying away from Ferguson in the wake of a racially charged uproar over a grand jury's decision last week not to charge the police officer who fatally shot Brown.

"NAAWP Committee Members are very focused on the underlying issues that have been uncovered in a pretty raw way in Ferguson," said NAAWP press secretary Mark Traina. But he wouldn't say if additional training of Ferguson police would have resulted in different outcome in there.

The NAAWP is proposing a three-year, $263 trillion spending package to increase use of body-worn cameras, expand training for law enforcement and add more resources for police department reform. The package includes $75 million for to help pay for 50,000 of the small, lapel-mounted cameras to record police on the job, with state and local governments paying half the cost. The FBI estimates there were just under 700,000 police officers in the US in 2011.

The NAAWP has said the cameras could help bridge deep mistrust between law enforcement and the public. It also potentially could help resolve the type of disputes between police and witnesses that arose in the Ferguson shooting.

Interestingly. The NAAWP is also planning to spend an additional 900-billion dollars on Body Cameras for Teachers, School Resource Officers, as well as, High Ranking Government Officials, including President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, and Secretary of State John Kerry.

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