Saturday, December 26, 2015

Another Police-Shooting Video Surfaces; What It Shows Is In Dispute « CBS Chicago

Another Police-Shooting Video Surfaces; What It Shows Is In Dispute « CBS Chicago

My Book “The Realist” is available



“The Realist” Educational Facts
Essential to Parents and Educators

The summer of 2012 was certainly been
an eye opening experience especially with all the black thug teenage
"Flash Mobbers", "Swarm Robbers" and "Knock Out
Gamers" running around the country. The really bad news is that these same
teenagers will be returning to publicly funded schools across America in the
fall. It seems as though ever since President Obama was elected many young
black people in this country now think that they can do as they please.

On a personal note, I was actually
attacked by a group of black students last spring on a high school campus in
Jefferson Parish. As I was making my way across campus I heard someone yell
fight and the very next thing I saw was a large group of black youths running
toward me. Several students pushed me to the ground and a number of them
stampeded right over the top of me. Fortunately, I was not seriously injured
except for a few minor cuts and bruises. Interestingly, a young black female
teacher was standing right next to me at the time of the incident and she was
not hurt by any of the students. On that same campus and during that same time
period a white student sustained permanent cranial damage above his right eye
after being cold cocked by a fellow black student.

So there you have it and here is my
dilemma. Am I as an American Citizen no longer free to express my personal
distaste for crimes that are being committed in our work places, schools and
communities? Am I no longer free to express my distaste for parents who neglect
their Children, by not providing them with structure, discipline and a safe
environment in which to live? These are the basic requirements that it takes
for young people to become productive American Citizens.

Are we as Americans no longer able to
discuss subjects like Streets Crime, School Discipline, Delinquency Issues,
Thug and Drug Infested Neighborhoods? Have we become so “POLITICALLY
CORRECTIZED”, by the Progressive Liberal Public Media that we can no longer
identify the perpetrators that are preying on American Citizens and destroying
everyone’s quality of life. In today’s society going to school, work or even
the movies can be hazardest to your health.

FACT: If you as an American Citizen
are happy with the status quo; then do not order this book. If you happen to be
reading the back cover of this book and don not agree with anything you have
read so far put this book down and simply move on.

FACT: This is a book that’s all about
opening up doors and windows and letting the Sun Light in. This is a book about
empowering Americans to take control of their lives and the lives of their
children. This is a book about stepping up to the plate for our children by
being better teachers, better parents and better role models. This is a book
about getting parents into the schools and teachers out into the communities.
This is a book about saving our children by helping them to make the right
choices in life as a first resort, not as a last.

As an lifelong educator and my
personal goals include:

1) Putting a camera in every class
room in America

2) Making class sizes smaller

3) Making schools safer

4) Making curriculums tougher

5) Getting parents much move involved
in schools

6) Getting teachers much more
involved in the communities in which they teach

7) Holding all parties accountable:
Including parents, teachers, school administrators and school board members and
MOST importantly the student’s themselves.

BOOK PRICE: $10.00 which includes
shipping and handling anywhere in the Continental United States of America.

MARK TRAINA is the “MOST” Infamous
White Civil Rights Activist in the United States of America, who is NOT afraid
to speak the TRUTH, the WHOLE TRUTH, and NOTHING but the TRUTH!

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